Welcome to Chabad Jewish Center of the Rockford Region

Our Philosophy

There is no mystery to our philosophy: For over two centuries Chabad-Lubavitch has translated deeply rooted Jewish concepts into a practical foundation of life. Under the leadership of the Rebbe, of righteous memory, Chabad grew into the world’s largest Jewish educational outreach program.  

Yet our philosophy remains surprisingly simple: Love every Jew. Reach out to help every Jew. We open our arms and our hearts to all, regardless of background or affiliation. We’re innovators who believe in people. So we continually seek new ways to interest Jews in Judaism. You won’t find us only talking about concepts; we bring them to life.  

Chabad is not a membership organization: For anyone searching to take another step on his or her spiritual journey, we offer innovative educational programs in all areas of Jewish life. For the one who feels he or she has no Jewish background at all, we are here to show that in truth every Jew is the rightful heir to a heritage that is immensely rich with purpose and meaning.  

While Chabad is bound in its beliefs and aspirations, each center is an independent entity and is financially self-supporting.