What to expect at Chabad

Every Jew is part of one big family. You are always at home with family, no matter what your background or level of observance. Torah is the inheritance of every Jew. It is yours. Feel free to claim it.

Joy! Every activity at Chabad is permeated with the Chassidic spirit of love, joy, faith, and optimism.

Judaism is not all or nothing. Every good deed and mitzvah has its own inherent, unlimited value. Our goal is to increase your MQ (mitzvah quotient) by providing opportunities to learn Torah and do Mitzvot.

To live is to grow. Yet we each grow at our own pace. Chabad offers you the tools to delve into Jewish teachings and integrate them into your life on your terms and your timetable.

Life is a journey, a search for answers. Every question is a good one. The only bad question is the one left unasked.

We are committed to providing a full spectrum of Torah learning opportunities from the practical to the mystical, for all levels of knowledge. If you want to explore a Jewish topic, please let us know!

Caring for others is the core of Judaism. If there is any way we can help anyone in the community, materially or spiritually, please let us know.

Each Chabad center is an independent entity financed by voluntary contributions. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Our support comes from this community and remains here.

We are about Judaism, not affiliation. Whether or not you belong to a synagogue or other Jewish institution, Chabad can add spirituality, study, community or just some good soul food to your Jewish life.