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  •   Statement from Rabbi Chesky & Mrs. Miri Rothman  
             Founders Jewish Life @ Beloit College

    Over the past week, Jewish students at Beloit College have suffered from a series of shocking and disturbing incidents.

    Beginning last week Wednesday and continuing utill yesterday, there have been no less than three anti-Semitic and biased incidents including swastikas, and a note containing a graphic threat, slipped under the door of a Jewish student. This is in addition to an anti-Muslim slur targeting a student, and a straight up death threat taped to a students door.

    We appreciate the Beloit College Administration for quickly responding to the incidents and for working with the police to ensure the safety of all students on campus, in addition to the events organized for students to cope with these issues and ensure acts of hate cease to exist on campus.

    We have been serving the student community for close to 5 years and have always been treated respectfully by the administration. These past few days I have been a constant presence on campus and am grateful that so many students have stopped by to receive counsel, comfort and all needed support. We will continue to be here for the students as well as continue our regular programming of Shabbat and holiday dinners, weekly Wednesday night class and social action activities.

    Our Jewish tradition teaches us that we must fight hate with love. It was the wise sage Hillel who taught, "What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow." I would like to encourage the entire student body to reach out to their fellow students - especially those whose opinions you may differ with - and engage with them in an open and respectful manner. 

    Many concerned students and parents have reached out to us and I and I like to reassure them that Miri and I will remain open to anyone who needs support or an open ear. In addition, our regular programs will continue as scheduled.

    As a response to these chilling events, we have launched a new Foundation for Jewish Life @ Beloit College to support Jewish activities on the campus. We will focus on growing Jewish pride and identity, combat anti-semitism, educate students of all backgrounds and faiths about Jewish history and experiences, Jewish education, and programs that promote tolerance, love, and acceptance. 

    To view photos of our activities please click here

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