Public Shavuos Announcement






We'd like to invite you to a special event, for the young in age and the young at heart


Come celebrate the holiday of Shavuos

The Festival of The Giving of the Torah.......for the 3323rd time! 

Wed. June 8th at 5:30 p.m.


 Hear the Ten commandments & enjoy holiday inspiration

Followed by a delicious, delectable dairy buffet

Light dinner & desserts including cheese cakes & cheese blintzes


And a grand ice cream party for the kids!

@ 3661 Grenoble Ct. Rockford, IL 61114

This event is geared to all regardless of background or affiliation

Rsvp is welcome but not necessary


For more info email or call 815.596.0032


Dear Friend,

The holiday of Shavuot is the day on which we celebrate the great revelation of the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, 3323 years ago. You stood at the foot of the mountain. As did your grandparents and your great grandparents before them. The souls of all Jews, from all times, came together to hear the Ten Commandments from G‑d Himself.   

This Wednesday, June 8, at 5:30 PM come hear the reading of the Ten Commandments, followed by the tastiest dairy foods and social.

There is special significance to bringing children, even the youngest of infants, to hear the Ten Commandments.

Because, before G‑d gave the Torah to the Jewish people, He demanded guarantors. The Jews made a number of suggestions, all of which were rejected by G‑d, until they declared, “Our children will be the guarantors that we will cherish and observe the Torah.” Jewish children, instilled with Jewish pride & tradition will ensure that our Torah is carried proudly into the future.

Let us bring along all our “guarantors” to the Shavuos holiday celebration.

Come by and try out this “thing” called Chabad and taste for yourself.  
Looking forward to greeting you on Wednesday,

Rabbi Chesky & Miriam Rothman 

Our programs are open to the entire community, as we are not a members based organization.
Everyone is invited, welcome, and encouraged to join. 
Our Shavuos celebrations have been graciously sponsored by an annonymous friend of Chabad.

Be a holiday sponsor: $100 ~  $180 ~ $360 

For everything to know about the Shavuos holiday click here